CHS Records v.50 1980
CHS Records v.50   Introduction p. xi
CHS Records v.50 Holmes, Oliver W. The City Tavern: A Century of Georgetown History, 1797-1898 p. 1-35
CHS Records v.50 Formwalt, Lee W. Benjamin Henry Latrobe and the Development of Transportation in the District of Columbia, 1802-1817 p. 36-66
CHS Records v.50 Dumbauld, Edward Thomas Jefferson and the City of Washington p. 67-80
CHS Records v.50 Goff, Frederick R. T.I.: Mr. Jefferson's Book in Washington, D.C. p. 81-94
CHS Records v.50 Hecht, Arthur The District of Columbia Staff of the Post Office Department Topographer, 1830-1899 p. 95-104
CHS Records v.50 Langley, Harold D. A Naval Dependent in Washington, 1837-1842: Letters of Marian Coote Speiden p. 105-122
CHS Records v.50 Kramer, Neil S. The Trial of Reuben Crandall p. 123-139
CHS Records v.50 Harrold, Jr., Stanley C. The Pearl Affair: The Washington Riot of 1848 p. 140-160
CHS Records v.50 Hurst, Harold W. Business and Businessmen in Pre-Civil War Georgetown p. 161-171
CHS Records v.50 Williams, Melvin R. A Statistical Study of Blacks in Washington, D.C. in 1860 p. 172-179
CHS Records v.50 Johnson, Thomas R. Reconstruction Politics in Washington: "An Experimental Garden for Radical Plants" p. 180-190
CHS Records v.50   Ahrens, Kent. Nineteenth Century History Painting and the United States Capitol. p. 191-222
CHS Records v.50 Stehle, Raymond Louis A Portrait of George Washington at Fifty Three p. 223-228
CHS Records v.50 Haifley, Julie Link Capital Images: The Photography of Titian Ramsay Peale, 1855-1885 p. 229-244
CHS Records v.50 Stehlin, Stewart A. The Smithsonian Institution in 1874: A German Visitor's Description p. 245-251
CHS Records v.50 Nelson, Clifford M. William Henry Holmes: Beginning a Career in Art and Science p. 252-278
CHS Records v.50 Kowsky, Francis R. College Hall at Gallaudet College p. 279-289
CHS Records v.50   Moldow, Gloria. "For Women, by Women": Women's Dispensaries and Clinics in Washington, 1882-1900 p. 290-308
CHS Records v.50   McDaniel, Joyce L. Casper Buberl: The Pension Building Civil War Frieze and Other Washington, D.C., Sculpture. p. 309-343
CHS Records v.50 Borchert, James Builders and Owners of Alley Dwellings in Washington, D.C., 1877-1892 p. 345-358
CHS Records v.50 Miller, M. Sammye An Early Venture in Black Capitalism: The Capital Savings Bank in the District of Columbia, 1882-1902 p. 359-366
CHS Records v.50 Mohler, Dorothy A. The Monday Evening Club of Washington, D.C.: A Pioneer Social Work Organization p. 367-382
CHS Records v.50   Mergen, Bernard. Children’s Playgrounds in the District of Columbia, 1902-1942 p. 383-397
CHS Records v.50   Jackson, Donald E. L'Enfant's Washington: An Architect's View, p. 398-420
CHS Records v.50 Jackson, Kenneth T. Federal Subsidy and the Suburban Dream: The First Quarter-Century of Government Intervention in the Housing Market p. 421-451
CHS Records v.50 Barnes, William R. A Battle for Washington: Ideology, Racism, and Self-Interest in the Controversy over Public Housing, 1943-1946 p. 452-483
CHS Records v.50   Johnson, Ronald M. Those Who Stayed: Washington Black Writers of the 1920s. p. 494-499
CHS Records v.50   Logan, Rayford W. Growing Up in Washington: A Lucky Generation p. 500-507
CHS Records v.50 Taylor, Frank A. Growing Up on Capitol Hill p. 508-521
CHS Records v.50 French, Roderick S. Letitia Woods Brown, 1915-1976 p. 522-524
CHS Records v.50 Meersman, Roger The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts: From Dream to Reality p. 525-588
CHS Records v.50 Meersman, Roger The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts: Early Years of Operation p. 589-717
CHS Records v.50 Members of the Society p. 718
CHS Records v.50 Index to subjects p. 743
CHS Records v.50 Index to illustrations p. 752
CHS Records v.50 Index to authors p. 757