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    Friday, April 18, 2014
    Recent Messages Posted on H-DC
    Recent Messages
    Posted on H-DC
    - Capturing Watergate: Author talk with Thomas Mallon and debut of new fiction walking tour app]  "Zablud, Kimberly E. (DCPL)" <kimberly.zablud@dc.gov>
    - Re: History of DC's Central Library(ies)]  "sallyberk65" <sallyberk65@gmail.com>
    - Old Georgetown Board - Preliminary List of Cases for May 1 2014]  "Yarnall, Bruce (OP)" <bruce.yarnall@dc.gov>
    - The Preservation of Clara Barton's Missing Soldiers' Office  "Matthew Gilmore, editor H-DC" <dc-edit@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>
    - OBIT: Julian Dugas  "Matthew Gilmore, editor H-DC" <dc-edit@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>
    - Paul Kelsch, ‚ÄúThe Cultivation of the Potomac River Landscape‚ÄĚ  "Matthew Gilmore, editor H-DC" <dc-edit@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>
    - JAZZforum: Exploring DC Jazz History  "Matthew Gilmore, editor H-DC" <dc-edit@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>
    - 2014 DC Emancipation Day  "Matthew Gilmore, editor H-DC" <dc-edit@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>
    - Seeking info on Empire Records, Takoma DC circa 1950-60s]  diana@takoma.com
    - Comment on: [H-DC] History of DC's Central Library(ies)]  "Katharina Hering" <khering23@gmail.com>
    - Hooch: The History of Prohibition in D.C. 4/30/2014  "Matthew Gilmore, editor H-DC" <dc-edit@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>
    - Washington region‚Äôs population growth slows, DC growth continues apace at 2% p/a  "Matthew Gilmore, editor H-DC" <dc-edit@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>
    - History of DC's Central Library(ies)  "Matthew Gilmore, editor H-DC" <dc-edit@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>
    - Help for DC Historical Studies proposal submitters!  "Matthew Gilmore, editor H-DC" <dc-edit@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>
    - H-Maryland: Maryland History Through Pictures]  "Matthew Gilmore, editor H-DC" <dc-edit@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>
    - History of the Arcade in Columbia Heights  "John DeFerrari" <jdeferrari@comcast.net>
    - Register Now for the 2014 District of Columbia Historic Preservation Awards Program]  "Yarnall, Bruce (OP)" <bruce.yarnall@dc.gov>
    - April 8, 2014 - Washington Coliseum: The Forgotten Landmark - Documentary Screening April 8 at Northeast Library]  "Casto, Michele (DCPL)" <michele.casto@dc.gov>
    - Arlington Historical Society Broadcasts on Arlington TV  "Arlington Historical Society"
    - Arlington Historical Society and Black Heritage Museum of Arlington Announce Dr. Kevin Strait as Curator]  "Arlington Historical Society"
    - April 15, 2014 - Anthony Pitch - story of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln based on his book  "Matthew Gilmore, editor H-DC" <dc-edit@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>
    - U.Va. Student Wins Fellowship for Research on Black Women Jailed During the Civil War  "Matthew Gilmore, editor H-DC" <dc-edit@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>
    - NCPC-Eisenhower Memorial Action + press reaction  "Matthew Gilmore, editor H-DC" <dc-edit@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>
    - Historic Preservation 101/201  "Matthew Gilmore, editor H-DC" <dc-edit@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>
    - War of 1812 Lecture: The Virtual Archaeology of Three Washington D.C. War of 1812 Sites  "Matthew Gilmore, editor H-DC" <dc-edit@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>
    - MLK Future Roundtable Discussion April 24, 2014  "Matthew Gilmore, editor H-DC" <dc-edit@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>
    - Uline Arena - Washington Coliseum docuentary  "Matthew Gilmore, editor H-DC" <dc-edit@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>
    - D.C. Emancipation Day Lecture]  "Jennifer James" <jcj@gwu.edu>
    - Tudor Nights April 3, 2014  Mandy Katz
    - What Really Killed William Henry Harrison?  "Matthew Gilmore, editor H-DC" <dc-edit@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>
    - QUERY: NAACP records (DC branch) 1960s  "Gray, Derek (DCPL)" <derek.gray2@dc.gov>
    - DC commemorates the War of 1812!  "Matthew Gilmore, editor H-DC" <dc-edit@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>
    - Revised HPRB Agenda and Video Webcast - April 3 2014]  "Yarnall, Bruce (OP)" <bruce.yarnall@dc.gov>
    - HSW History Headlines: Special Jazz Journal Release, Spring Programs, and Collections News]  "Historical Society of Washington DC" <info@historydc.org>
    - Meridian Hill Historic District Established  "Matthew Gilmore, editor H-DC" <dc-edit@MAIL.H-NET.MSU.EDU>
    Recent Reviews Posted on H-DC
    Recent Reviews
    Posted on H-DC

    Reviewer: Zachary M. Schrag, Department of History and Art History, George Mason University.
    C. Ford Peatross, ed. Capital Drawings: Architectural Designs for Washington, D.C., from the Library of Congress.
    Reviewer: Rosalyn P. Doggett, Senior Development Director, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.
    Zachary M. Schrag.The Great Society Subway: A History of the Washington Metro.
    Reviewer: Mary Beth Corrigan, Independent Scholar.
    Josephine F. Pacheco. The Pearl: A Failed Slave Escape on the Potomac.
    Reviewer: Christine Cohn, American University.
    C. R. Gibbs. Black, Copper, and Bright: The District of Columbia's Black Civil War Regiment.
    Reviewer: John R. Wennersten, Smithsonian Museum of American History.
    Ernest B. Furgurson. Freedom Rising: Washington in the Civil War.
    Reviewer: Denise Meringolo, The George Washington University, Department of American Studies
    Elizabeth Clark-Lewis, ed. First Freed: Washington, D.C. in the Emancipation Era. 2nd ed.
    Reviewer: Kenneth R. Bowling, First Federal Congress Project, George Washington University
    Joel Achenbach. The Grand Idea: George Washington's Potomac and the Race to the West.
    Reviewer: M. Montgomery Wolf, Department of History, University of North Carolina
    Kip Lornell and Charles C. Stephenson Jr. The Beat: Go-Go's Fusion of Funk and Hip-Hop.
    Mark Andersen and Mark Jenkins. Dance of Days: Two Decades of Punk in the Nation's Capital. Review Title: Representing D.C.! Go-Go and Punk in the District of Columbia
    Reviewer: Matthew Pinsker, Endowed Chair in American Civil War History, Dickinson College
    Jennifer Fleischner. Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. Keckly: The Remarkable Story of the Friendship between a First Lady and a Former Slave
    Reviewer: Michael R. Harrison, National Museum of American History
    Kevin Ambrose, Dan Henry, and Andy Weiss.Washington Weather: The Weather Sourcebook for the D.C. Area.
    Review Title: The Capital in a Storm
    Reviewer: Christopher H. Sterling, George Washington University
    Edward Steers, Jr. Blood on the Moon: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
    Michael Burlingame, ed. Dispatches from Lincoln's White House: The Anonymous Civil War Journalism of Presidential Secretary William O. Stoddard.
    Review Title: Viewing Washington during the Civil War
    Reviewer: David Haberstich, Archives Center, National Museum of American History.
    Peter R. Penczer. Washington, D.C., Past and Present.
    Paul K. Williams and T. Luke Young. Washington, D.C.
    Alexander D. Mitchell IV. Washington, D.C. Then and Now
    Charles Suddarth Kelly. Washington, D.C., Then and Now: 69 Sites Photographed in the Past and Present.
    Review Title: Picture Books and the Changing Face of Washington
    Reviewer: Alan Lessoff
    Authors: Robert Benedetto, Jane Donovan, and Kathleen DuVall.
    Title: _Historical Dictionary of Washington, D.C._.
    Reviewer: Christopher H. Sterling
    Author: Kenneth R. Bowling
    Title: _Peter Charles L'Enfant: Vision, Honor, and Male Friendship in the Early American Republic_.
    Reviewer: Michael R. Harrison
    Author: Iris Miller
    Title: _Washington in Maps, 1606-2000._
    Reviewer: Mary Beth Corrigan
    Author: Mark Perry
    Title: _Lift up Thy Voice: The Grimke Family's Journey from Slaveholders to Civil Rights Leaders_.
    Reviewer: Zachary M. Schrag
    Author: Gilbert Hahn, Jr.
    Title: _The Notebook of an Amateur Politician: And How He Began the D.C. Subway._
    Reviewer: Winfield Swanson
    Author: Charles A. Cerami
    Title: _Benjamin Banneker: Surveyor, Astronomer, Publisher, Patriot_.
    Reviewer: Joseph M. Turrini
    Author: Tom Deveaux
    Title: _The Washington Senators, 1901-1971_.
    Reviewer: Zachary M. Schrag, Columbia University
    Author: Peter C. Kohler
    Title: _Capital Transit: Washington's Street Cars, The Final Era 1933-1962_.
    Reviewer: Carey M. Roberts, Department of Social Sciences, Arkansas Tech University
    Author: William O. Stoddard
    Title: Inside the White House in War Times: Memoirs and Reports of Lincoln's Secretary.
    Reviewer: David Haberstich, Archives Center, National Museum of American History.
    Thomas J. Carrier. Historic Georgetown: A Walking Tour.
    Thomas J. Carrier. Washington, DC: A Historical Walking Tour.
    Thomas J. Carrier. The White House, the Capitol, and the Supreme Court: Historic Self-Guided Tours.
    Philip Woodworth Ogilvie. Along the Potomac.
    Paul K. Williams. Dupont Circle.
    Paul K. Williams. The Neighborhood of Logan, Scott, and Thomas Circles.
    Paul K. Williams. Greater U Street.
    Review Title: "Et in Arcadia Ego": Images of Washington by Arcadia Publishing
    Reviewer: Zachary M. Schrag, Columbia University
    Author: William C. Dickinson, Dean A. Herrin, and Donald R. Kennon, eds.
    Title: Montgomery C. Meigs and the Building of the Nation's Capital.
    Reviewer: Andrew Brodie Smith
    Author: Robert K. Headley
    Title: Motion Picture Exhibition in Washington, D.C.: An Illustrated History of Parlors, Palaces and Multiplexes in the Metropolitan Area, 1894-1997.
    Reviewer: Olivia Cadaval , Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, Smithsonian Institution
    Author: Nelson F. Kofie
    Title: Race, Class, and the Struggle for Neighborhood in Washington, D.C.
    Reviewer: Joshua Olsen.
    Author: Nicholas D. Bloom
    Title: Suburban Alchemy: 1960s New Towns and the Transformation of the American Dream
    Reviewer: Joshua Olsen.
    Author: Cathy D. Knepper
    Title: Greenbelt, Maryland: A Living Legacy of the New Deal

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