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The mission of this World-Wide Web based electronic poetry center is to serve as a hypertextual gateway to the extraordinary range of activity in formally innovative writing in the United States and the world. The Center will provide access to numerous electronic resources in the new poetries including RIF/T and other electronic poetry journals, the Poetics List archives, a library of poetic texts, news of related print sources, and direct connections to numerous related poetic projects. The Center's first phase of implementation is scheduled for August 1, 1994. A subscription to the E-Poetry list provides a subscription to the electronic journal RIF/T and E-Poetry Center announcements. Subscriptions to E-Poetry to listserv@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu Inquiries, suggestions for Center resources, submissions to RIF/T, and other mail may be directed to e-poetry@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu The Center is located at gopher://wings.buffalo.edu/11/internet/library/ejournals /ub/rift (Presently, the prototype is under construction but operational.)
Gopher Access:

     For those who have access to gopher, type
                   gopher wings.buffalo.edu
     (or, if you are on a UB mainframe, simply type wings)
     at your system prompt.  First choose Libraries &
     Library Resources, then Electronic Journals, then E-
     Journals/Resources Produced Here At UB, then The
     Electronic Poetry Center.  (Note:  Connections to some
     Poetry Center resources require Web access, though most
     are presently available through gopher).

     World-Wide Web Access:
     For those with World-Wide Web or lynx access, type www
     or lynx at your system prompt.  Choose the go to URL
     option then go to (type as one continuous string)

Participation in the Electronic Poetry Center (Buffalo)

For those interested in helping us build the Center, our goal is to provide a single Internet site that offers a doorway into the different poetic projects out there in the electronic (and paper) poetics world. We would like to offer access to information about poetics and poetry activities, electronic poetry journals, texts in progress, etc. We are currently developing a library of electronic poetry/poetics texts (submissions to e-poetry@ubvm.cc. buffalo.edu). The Center has other exciting possibilities:

  1. Circulation of electronic journals with an emphasis on direct links to those of relevance to Center concerns;
  2. Reviews of recent print and electronic publications. (Brief reviews may also be submitted electronically to e-poetry@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu);
  3. Direct links to other related electronic sites;
  4. Multimedia resources. Sound and graphics relating to poetry.
  5. Building our Small Press Alcove, a place for little magazine and book announcements. The point of including announcements of paper resources is to provide a listing of interesting work for people to look at; they can then write or e-mail the publisher to obtain publications. (Send announcements to lolpoet@acsu.buffalo.edu or magazines/books to Loss Glazier, E-Poetry, P.O. Box 143, Getzville, NY 14068-0143);
  6. Ultimately, the Center could also offer collaborative projects (perhaps for specific groups of writers), lists and/or archives of other lists, and texts-inprogress, as things develop.

The "Buffalo" in the title of the Center is not meant to suggest that this activity is limited to Buffalo, only to give the "visitor" a sense of place, i.e., where the mainframe that's providing this service is "located." Vigorous writing wants to "circulate." On this new electronic terrain, the Electronic Poetry Center will serve as a gathering place or point of entry for a range of poetic efforts.

How to Contact Us

Please contact us with your suggestions, texts, sound files, and graphics files to submit, or if you have expertise in these areas. LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK (this is meant to be a Center that grows with your ideas) by posting to this list, sending mail to E-Poetry, or to Loss Glazier (lolpoet@ acsu.buffalo.edu) or Kenneth Sherwood (v001pxfu.ubvms.cc. buffalo.edu) privately.

The Archive is administered in Buffalo by E-Poetry and RIF/T in coordination with the Poetics List. Loss Pequen~o Glazier

                    for Kenneth Sherwood and Loss Glazier
                    in collaboration with Charles Bernstein

You should mention the World Wide Web server called *Labyrinth* situated at Georgetown Universty. Although primarily a Medieval Studies server the Labyrinth is a wonderful introduction to the types of things a literary type person could find on the Net.

It is relatively straight forward, menu driven, and full of great resources--electronic texts, syllabi, eventually professional discussions, the current job opening list from Chronicle of Higher Ed, images, etc. It is also a great gateway to other literature resources on the Net.

Point your WWW client at

The single most useful place on the Internet, IMHO, for materials that concern literature (of all types) is the University of Pennsylvania Gopher server. It is very easy to find, nicely organized, and up-to-date. Selections include jumping-off points for the WWW, a list of all literary mailing lists in existence (with descriptions) and a comprehensive collection of e-text FTP sites. Check it out! It is worth your while if Lit is your thing. Best of Luck! gopher.english.upenn.edu

oak.oakland.edu (cd /pub/msdos/literature). There are a bunch of texts and some programs there.

I have done a new and comprehensive "Guide to Literature on the Internet", which is monthly posted in some Usenet Newsgroups. It lists pointers to all kinds of literary resources: FAQs, mailing lists, e-texts, journals, zines, libraries, book shops, wais sources and more.

A current version of this guide is available:

Hope you find it useful.

Wolfgang Hink
Dr. Wolfgang Hink
Muthesiusstrasse 34
12163 Berlin (Germany)

EMLS 1.1 Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the release of Early Modern Literary Studies: A Journal of Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century English Literature, Volume 1, Number 1 (April 1995).

The journal is available now on the WWW via our home page, at


On May 5, an ASCII text version of EMLS will be made available to our electronic mail subscribers and those readers using GOPHER. EMLS 1.1 will be available via GOPHER at

edziza.arts.ubc.ca /english/EMLS

To subscribe to the version of EMLS that is distributed through electronic mail, please send a message including your name, affiliation, and electronic mail address to Subscribe_EMLS@arts.ubc.ca.

A World Wide Web site for the International Comparative Literature Association has been established at Brigham Young University. The site will concentrate on issues of international concern and will offer links to a variety of sites of interest to comparatists throughout the world.

The site can be reached at http://humanities.byu.edu/ScanStudies/ICLA/ icla.htm

Suggestions should be addressed to Steven P. Sondrup, Department of Comparative Literature, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah 84602 USA;

     Fax: 801 378-4672
     Vox: 801 378-5598
     E-mail:  steven_sondrup@byu.edu


(i.e. 'ScandStudies', not 'ScanStudies'). I'm currently developing a set of WWW pages for the BCLA, and will post the URL of the home page to this list in due course.

Further to my trailer of a little while ago: the BCLA now has a series of pages on the World-Wide Web. The URL of the home page is:


Steven Totosy, chair of the ICLA Committee for communication and information, reminds list members that the homepage which he has set up (URL address: http://www.ualberta.ca/ARTS/ricl.html) and which is now linked to the BCLA's (see Duncan Large's message of yesterday) contains an international directory of comparatists, a huge complit bibliography, another bibliography, and later there will also be the Canadian Review of Comparative Literature.

Howard Gaskill

The Conference on Editorial Problems is happy to announce its WWW homepage at the URL http://www.epas.utoronto.ca:8080/~mccarty/cep/.

The Conference on Editorial Problems, founded in 1964, holds annual conferences to examine methods of editing texts. Most of the subjects have been literary, such as Editing Eighteenth Century Novels, and most of the literature has been in English, with a scattering of essays on French, German, and other European literatures. In recent years there have also been conferences on non-literary subjects, such as music, economics, and atlases, and future conferences will focus upon North American Indian Texts (1996) and Editing Electronic Text (1997).

(Re)Soundings: A World Wide Web Publication

Call for Papers: Pre-1700 Issue

Deadline: February, 1996

Articles are particularly solicited that take advantage of the multimedia potential of the World Wide Web. While materials are most easily accepted as HTML coded materials, there is no necessity that they be submitted in that format. Hard copy submissions are entirely welcome, as are materials on diskette utilizing either IBM or Macintosh platforms. Materials will be peer-reviewed.

The multimedia format will encourage interaction among traditional=20 disciplines including art, history, literature, and music. This is an=20 environment in which scholars and artists can create and discuss texts,=20 sharing and building commentary in a variety of media, integrating sound=20 and graphics as well as written materials

Co-Editors: Bonnie Duncan & Steven M. Miller

Send submissions to:

Department of English
Millersville University
Millersville, Pennsylvania 17551
Phone: (717) 872-3080
Internet Addresses:

The University of Alberta Research Institute for Comparative Literature at http://www.ualberta.ca/ARTS/ricl.html has, among others, the following material which may be useful for scholars involved in the study of literature:

  1. An International Directory of Comparatists
  2. "Towards a Cumulative Bibliography of Comparative Literature"
  3. A Cumulative Bibliography of Works in the Systemic and Empirical Approach to Literature WITH A CALL FOR PAPERS FOR THE 5TH BIANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE EMPIRICAL STUDY OF LITERATURE, BANFF, ALBERTA, CANADA (ROCKY MOUNTAINS), AUGUST 21-26, 1996. With my best regards,

Adjunct Professor of Comparative Literature Department of Modern Languages and Comparative Studies Associate Editor, CRCL/RCLC; Associate Director, RICL University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alta., T6G 2E6 Ph.: 403-492-4776; Fax: 403-492-5662; Home Ph.: 403-438-6486 E-mail: stotosy@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca

The Society for Germanic Philology (SGP) has established a World Wide Web site with the following URL:


EMLS 1.2 Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the release of _Early Modern Literary Studies: A Journal of Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century English Literature_, Volume 1, Number 2 (August 1995).

The journal is available now on the WWW via our home page, at


To subscribe to MILTON REVIEW, send the following message (the subject line doesn't matter)

subscribe Milton-Review

(Please be sure to put the dash between Milton and Review!)



The 19th Century American Women Writers Web (19CWWW) is a site devoted to the study and appreciation of 19th Century American culture and women writers of the period located at:


I would like to announce the release of the newest version of NetSERF, an index of medieval resources on the Internet. It's aim is to bring together as many medieval resources together into one index as is possible. http://www.cua.edu/www/hist/netserf/

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