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H-CIVED, An H-Net Network

H-CIVED, An H-Net Network

Welcome to APSA-CIVED, CIVIC EDUCATION FOR THE NEXT CENTURY, a discussion list sponsored by the APSA Task Force on Civic Education for the Next Century.

APSA-CIVED@h-net.msu.edu is a public internet discussion list for scholars and pracitioners of civic education and civic engagement.

The list has been established as part of the working partnership between APSA and H-Net, Humanities and Social Sciences OnLine. The list's purpose is to serve as a forum of discussion between the Association, the Task Force on Civic Education, and individuals who are interested in civic education, civic trust, and civic engagement. The list will be moderated by the APSA to ensure that content of postings adhere to the mission of the list.

Recent Messages
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- CFP: ASPA 2016 Annual Conference (March 18-22, 2016 in Seattle, WA)  "Bergrud, Erik" <erik.bergrud@PARK.EDU>
- H-Net Job Guide Weekly Report For APSA-CIVED: 13 July - 20 July  "Bergrud, Erik" <erik.bergrud@PARK.EDU>
- CFP - The Ohio State University Costs of War Symposium  "Bergrud, Erik" <erik.bergrud@PARK.EDU>
- H-Net Job Guide Weekly Report For APSA-CIVED: 22 June - 29 June  "Bergrud, Erik" <erik.bergrud@PARK.EDU>
- CFP: Rethinking Student Experience  "Bergrud, Erik" <erik.bergrud@PARK.EDU>
- H-Net Job Guide Weekly Report For APSA-CIVED: 1 June - 8 June  "Bergrud, Erik" <erik.bergrud@PARK.EDU>
- H-Net Job Guide Weekly Report For APSA-CIVED: 25 May - 1 June  "Bergrud, Erik" <erik.bergrud@PARK.EDU>

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