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Enterprise & Society
Volume 3 Number 3 September 2002


Editor's Introduction
    William J. Hausman

Business Decision Making in National Socialist Germany: Machine Tools, Business Machines, and Punch Cards at the Wanderer-Werke AG
    Michael C. Schneider

Politics, Corporate Governance, and the Dynamics of German Managerial Innovation: Schering AG between the Wars
    Christopher Kobrak

Protecting the Public Interest: Land Agents vs. Loggers on the Eastern Frontier, 1820-1840
    Nancy M. Gordon

The Causes of Deindustrialization: The Migration of the Cotton Textile Industry from New England to the South
    David Koistinen

In Memoriam Robert D. Cuff
    Marlene Shore

Review Essays
Economic Development in Early America: Three Perspectives
    Cathy Matson

The Fits and Spurts of Latin American Economic History and Historiography
    Gail D. Triner


Jennifer Clapp. Toxic Exports: The Transfer of Hazardous Wastes from Rich to Poor Countries
    Reviewed by Michael Adamson

Lance E. Davis and Robert E. Gallman. Evolving Financial Markets and International Capital Flows: Britain, the Americas, and Australia, 1865-1914
    Reviewed by Steve Toms

Claudia Bird Schoonhoven and Elaine Romanelli, eds. The Entrepreneurship Dynamic: Origins of Entrepreneurship and the Evolution of Industries
    Reviewed by Arnold Kransdorff

Harrison C. White. Markets from Networks: Socioeconomic Models of Production
    Reviewed by Costas Lapavitsas

Edward Beatty. Institutions and Investment: The Political Basis of Industrialization in Mexico before 1911
    Reviewed by Jeffrey M. Pilcher

Judith A. Teichman. The Politics of Freeing Markets in Latin America: Chile, Argentina, and Mexico
    Reviewed by William R. Childs

John N. Vardalas. The Computer Revolution in Canada: Building National Technological Competence
    Reviewed by Maurice W. Kirby

Augustus J. Veenendaal, Jr. Railways in the Netherlands: A Brief History, 1834-1994
    Reviewed by Alfred C. Mierzejewski

S. Jonathan Wiesen. West German Industry and the Challenge of the Nazi Past, 1945-1955
    Reviewed by Till Geiger

David A. Skeel, Jr. Debt's Dominion: A History of Bankruptcy Law in America
    Reviewed by Lynne Pierson Doti

Catherine Cocks. Doing the Town: The Rise of Urban Tourism in the United States, 1850-1915
    Reviewed by Tom Dicke

John E. Clark, Jr. Railroads in the Civil War: The Impact of Management on Victory and Defeat
    Reviewed by Mark Wilson

Robert M. Fogelson. Downtown: Its Rise and Fall, 1880-1950
    Reviewed by Stephanie Dyer

Kenneth Warren. Big Steel: The First Century of the United States Steel Corporation, 1901-2001; Margaret B. W. Graham and Alec T. Shuldiner. Corning and the Craft of Innovation
    Reviewed by Albert Churella

Bernard F. Dick. Engulfed: The Death of Paramount Pictures and the Birth of Corporate Hollywood
    Reviewed by Clark Davis

Andrea Tone. Devices and Desires: A History of Contraceptives in America
    Reviewed by Wendy Gamber

Kimberly A. Reed. Managing Our Margins: Women Entrepreneurs in Suburbia
    Reviewed by Jeffrey Hornstein

Jeffrey H. Rohlfs. Bandwagon Effects in High-Technology Industries
    Reviewed by Glenn E. Bugos


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