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Enterprise & Society
Volume 1 Number 3 September 2000


Special Issue: Beauty and Business
Guest Editor: Kathy Peiss

Editorís Introduction
    William J. Hausman

On Beauty . . . and the History of Business
    Kathy Peiss


Collars and Consumers: Changing Images of American Manliness and Business
    Carole Turbin

Black Is Profitable: The Commodification of the Afro, 1960-1975
    Susannah Walker

Hiding the Scars: A History of Post-Mastectomy Breast Prostheses, 1945-2000
    Kirsten E. Gardner

"At the Curve Exchange": Postwar Beauty Culture and Working Women at Maidenform
    Vicki Howard


Orvar Löfgren. On Holiday: A History of Vacationing
    Reviewed by Christine Skwiot

Giovanni Dosi, David J. Teece, and Josef Chytry, eds. Technology, Organization, and Competitiveness: Perspectives on Industrial and Corporate Change
    Reviewed by Renato Giannetti

David J. Jeremy, ed. Religion, Business, and Wealth in Modern Britain
    Reviewed by Andrew C. Godley

Stefan Blaschke. Unternehmen und Gemeinde: Das Bayerwerk im Raum Leverkusen, 1891-1914
    Reviewed by Mark Spoerer

Alessandro Arrighetti and Gilberto Seravalli, eds. Istituzioni intermedie e sviluppo locale
    Reviewed by Jonathan Zeitlin

Tetsuji Okazaki and Masahiro Okuno-Fujiwara, eds. The Japanese Economic System and Its Historical Origins
    Reviewed by Pui-Tak Lee

Q. Y. Yu. The Implementation of Chinaís Science and Technology Policy
    Reviewed by Brett Sheehan

Edmund Terence Gomez. Chinese Business in Malaysia: Accumulation, Accommodation and Ascendance
    Reviewed by Brett Sheehan

Gi-Wook Shin and Michael Robinson, eds. Colonial Modernity in Korea
    Reviewed by David Pollard

Gordon T. Stewart. Jute and Empire: The Calcutta Jute Wallahs and the Landscapes of Empire
    Reviewed by Mushtaq Husain Khan

Angel Kwolek-Folland. Incorporating Women: A History of Women and Business in the United States
    Reviewed by Howell John Harris

David Evans and Richard Schmalensee. Paying with Plastic: The Digital Revolution in Buying and Borrowing
    Reviewed by Daniel Pope

George L. Henderson. California and the Fictions of Capital
    Reviewed by Greg Hise

Susan Strasser. Waste and Want: A Social History of Trash
    Reviewed by Jonathan Coopersmith

Jerold J. Duquette. Regulating the National Pastime: Baseball and Antitrust
    Reviewed by Robert Whaples

Emily S. Rosenberg. Financial Missionaries to the World: The Politics and Culture of Dollar Diplomacy
    Reviewed by Mira Wilkins

Masayo Umezawa Duus. The Japanese Conspiracy: The Oahu Sugar Strike of 1920
    Reviewed by James P. Kraft

David Haward Bain. Empire Express: Building the First Transcontinental Railroad
    Reviewed by W. Thomas White

Marc Linder and Lawrence S. Zacharias. Of Cabbages and Kings County: Agriculture and the Formation of Modern Brooklyn
    Reviewed by Graham Russell Hodges

Lee J. Alston and Joseph P. Ferrie. Southern Paternalism and the American Welfare State: Economics, Politics, and Institutions in the South, 1865-1965
    Reviewed by Randall L. Patton


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