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Reviewer Guidelines
Enterprise & Society will undertake to review all significant books germane to its fields of interest and present reviewers' assessments in a timely fashion. To do this, we need your help in following our guidelines and making your review as ready for the printers as possible.

Deadlines: Though we expect our reviewers will plan their work so as not to run past the deadlines set in their invitation letters, from time to time we realize that this will not be feasible. If a deadline nears and your review is not ready, please contact the editor for reviews by email at (mbucheli@uiuc.edu) to request an extension. One 30-day extension will be approved; after that point, we reserve the right to request that you return the book, so that another colleague can be commissioned to provide a review. We will send an email reminder to reviewers about two weeks prior to due dates.

Length: If you send in a review that is longer than requested, it will be necessary for us either to shorten it in-house or to return it to you for compression. If you believe that more space than allotted is necessary for an appropriate review, contact us to request an adjustment; please do not just write an over-the-limit review and send it in.

Focus: We anticipate that reviews will not simply summarize the volume's contents, but will move beyond this to assess the work's contribution in light of collateral studies, evaluate its sources and methods, and/or discuss its implications for future research. Reviewers should avoid the ad hominem attack mode or suggesting that a different book ought to have been written. Likewise, we prefer that reviews shun listing typographical errors and other minor missteps, unless these are so frequent as to indicate very weak editing (in which case a summary statement to this effect will usually serve).

Style: Kindly send your review by email to mbucheli@uiuc.edu, and please also mail a hard copy text, double-spaced, to Marcelo Bucheli, Associate Editor for Reviews, DKH 117, Department of Business Administration, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1206 South Sixth Street, Champaign IL 61820 USA. Please insert the header at the top of the page (see model below). In the review, include the first name of any person (including the author) mentioned the initial time the name is used. In referring to organizations, treaties, statutes, and like entities, use the full name in the initial reference, adding in parentheses initials or acronyms if there will be later references. Should you mention other books in your review, please give the author's full name, a short title (omit the subtitle commonly appearing after a colon), and publication year [for example: Thomas Misa, A Nation of Steel, 1995]. Footnotes should be avoided. Quotations from the work under review should be sharply limited, but when used, please provide the page numbers in parentheses [for example, ". . . remarks" (p. 147).]. On other questions of style, we follow the Chicago Manual of Style, supplemented by the E & S Style Recommendations.

Sample Heading: Review headings should follow the following form:
Charles Dickens, An Affair to Remember: Russo-Turkish Border Relations, 1882-1923. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1999. xxi + 273 pp. ISBN 0-513-3456-0 $45.00 (cloth); 0-513-3457-2, $22.95 (paper).
If the book is available in only cloth format, the word "cloth" is omitted; if it is available only in paperback, (paper) should be inserted after the price.

Copyright Form: Oxford University Press cannot publish a review until the copyright form is in hand. If you do not have a copy of the form, it can be found here.

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