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Enterprise & Society
Volume 3 Number 1 March 2002


Editor's Introduction
    William J. Hausman


Innovative Enterprise and Historical Transformation
    William Lazonick

Competition, Collusion, and Confusion: The State and the Reorganization of the British Cotton Industry, 1931-1939
    Julian I. Greaves

The Sino-Japanese War and the Formation of the State Enterprise System in China: A Case Study of the Dadukou Iron and Steel Works, 1938-1945
    Morris L. Bian

British Public Policy and Multinationals during the "Dollar Gap" Era, 1945-1960
    Tim Rooth and Peter Scott


Stanley L. Engerman and Robert E. Gallman, eds. The Cambridge Economic History of the United States, volume 3: The Twentieth Century
    Reviewed by Howell John Harris

Allan Kulikoff. From British Peasants to Colonial American Farmers
    Reviewed by Ronald Schultz

John J. McCusker and Kenneth Morgan, eds. The Early Modern Atlantic Economy
    Reviewed by Cathy Matson

John Lauritz Larson. Internal Improvement: National Public Works and the Promise of Popular Government in the Early United States
    Reviewed by Robert E. Wright

Sara Wermiel. The Fireproof Building: Technology and Public Safety in the Nineteenth-Century American City
    Reviewed by Donald C. Jackson

Robert F. Burk. Much More Than a Game: Players, Owners, and American Baseball since 1921
    Reviewed by Robert Whaples

John A. Morello. Selling the President, 1920: Albert D. Lasker, Advertising, and the Election of Warren G. Harding
    Reviewed by Ferdinanco Fasce

Carmen Teresa Whalen. From Puerto Rico to Philadelphia: Puerto Rican Workers and Postwar Economies
    Reviewed by Walter Licht

Andrew Crane. Marketing, Morality and the Natural Environment
    Reviewed by Paul Josephson

Thierry Bardini. Bootstrapping: Douglas Engelbart, Coevolution, and the Origins of Personal Computing
    Reviewed by Wendy Cukier

Deborah A. Sullivan. Cosmetic Surgery: The Cutting Edge of Commercial Medicine in America
    Reviewed by Kirsten Gardner

Justin Martin. Greenspan: The Man Behind the Money
    Reviewed by David B. Sicilia

William Russell Easterly. The Elusive Quest for Growth: Economists' Adventures and Misadventures in the Tropics
    Reviewed by Roger Middleton

Michael J. Twomey. A Century of Foreign Investment in the Third World
    Reviewed by Renato Giannetti

Gail D. Triner. Banking and Economic Development: Brazil, 1889-1930
    Reviewed by Sérgio de Oliveira Birchal

Geoffrey Jones. Merchants to Multinationals: British Trading Companies in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
    Reviewed by Sally M. Horrocks

Peter A. Jackson, Michelle Lowe, Daniel Miller, and Frank Mort, eds. Commercial Cultures: Economies. Practices, Spaces
    Reviewed by Anton Schuurman

Michael North, ed. Deutsche Wirtschaftsgeschichte: Ein Jahrtausend im Überblick
    Reviewed by Edmund N. Todd

Stephanie Wolff-Rohé. Der Reichsverband der Deutschen Industrie 1919-1924/25
    Reviewed by Alfred C. Mierzejewski

Christopher G. A. Clay. Gold for the Sultan: Western Bankers and Ottoman Finance, 1856-1881
    Reviewed by Steven Toms

Hikaru Suzuki. The Price of Death: The Funeral Industry in Contemporary Japan
    Reviewed by Joy Hendry


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