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Enterprise & Society
Volume 1 Number 2 June 2000


    Steven W. Tolliday


State Enterprise and Italy’s "Economic Miracle": The Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi, 1945-1962
    Francesca Carnevali

The “Economic Miracle” and Italy’s Chemical Industry, 1950-1965: A Missed Opportunity
    Francesca Fauri

“Carry Your Credit in Your Pocket”: The Early History of the Credit Card at Bank of America and Chase Manhattan
    Timothy Wolters

Masculine Guidance: Boys, Men, and Newspapers, 1930-1939
    Todd Alexander Postol

The Rocky Road to Mass Production: Change and Continuity in the U.S. Foundry Industry, 1890-1940
    Howell John Harris


Konosuke Odaka and Minoru Sawai, eds. Small Firms, Large Concerns: The Development of Small Business in Comparative Perspective
    Reviewed by Jonathan Bean

Lena Andersson-Skog and Olle Krantz, eds. Institutions in the Transport and Communications Industries: State and Private Actors in the Making of Institutional Patterns, 1850-1990
    Reviewed by Thomas Heinrich

Anthony P. D’Costa. The Global Restructuring of the Steel Industry: Innovations, Institutions and Industrial Change
    Reviewed by Owen Darbishire

Kevin H. O’Rourke and Jeffrey G. Williamson. Globalization and History: The Evolution of a Nineteenth-Century Atlantic Economy
    Reviewed by Roy Church

Thomas W. Zeiler. Free Trade, Free World: The Advent of GATT
    Reviewed by Susan Aaronson

Lilach Nachum. The Origins of the International Competitiveness of Firms: The Impact of Location and Ownership in the Professional Service Industries
    Reviewed by John Perkins

Maxine Berg and Helen Clifford, eds. Consumers and Luxury: Consumer Culture in Europe, 1650-1850
    Reviewed by John Smail

Peter J. Hugill. Global Communications since 1844: Geopolitics and Technology
    Reviewed by Harm G. Schröter

Philip Cooke and Kevin Morgan. The Associational Economy: Firms, Regions, and Innovation
    Reviewed by Gary Herrigel

Andrew M. McLaughlin and William A. Maloney. The European Automobile Industry: Multi-Level Governance, Policy and Politics
    Reviewed by Ulrich Wengenroth

Jürgen Kocka. Industrial Culture and Bourgeois Society: Business, Labor, and Bureaucracy in Modern Germany, 1800-1918
    Reviewed by James M. Brophy

Jonah D. Levy. Tocqueville’s Revenge: State, Society, and Economy in Contemporary France
    Reviewed by Robert L. Frost

T. J. Pempel. Regime Shift: Comparative Dynamics of the Japanese Political Economy
    Reviewed by Leslie Hannah

Bob Johnstone. We Were Burning: Japanese Entrepreneurs and the Forging of the Electronic Age
    Reviewed by Janet Hunter

Oscar Zanetti and Alejandro García. Sugar and Railroads: A Cuban History, 1837-1959
    Reviewed by Colin M. Lewis

Sérgio de Oliveira Birchal. Entrepreneurship in Nineteenth-Century Brazil: The Formation of a Business Environment
    Reviewed by Marshall Eakin

Janet Abbate. Inventing the Internet
    Reviewed by Wendy Cukier

Lendol Calder. Financing the American Dream: A Cultural History of Consumer Credit
    Reviewed by Stephanie Dyer

Joan Lisa Bromberg. NASA and the Space Industry
    Reviewed by Eric P. Rau

Pamela H. Simpson. Cheap, Quick & Easy: Imitative Architectural Materials, 1870-1930
    Reviewed by Robert Friedel

Barbara McMartin. The Glove Cities: How a People and Their Craft Built Two Cities
    Reviewed by Reed Geiger

Jo Ann E. Argersinger. Making the Amalgamated: Gender, Ethnicity, and Class in the Baltimore Clothing Industry, 1899-1939
    Reviewed by Elizabeth Fones-Wolf

Steve Love and David Giffels. Wheels of Fortune: The Story of Rubber in Akron
    Reviewed by K. Austin Kerr

Jonathan A. Grant. Big Business in Russia: The Putilov Company in Late Imperial Russia, 1868-1917
    Reviewed by John K. Brown


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