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Index, Volume 2 (2001)

Bakker, Gerben. "Stars and Stories: How Films Became Branded Products." 2 (September 2001): 461-502.

Berghoff, Hartmut. "Marketing Diversity: The Making of a Global Consumer Product-Hohnerís Harmonicas, 1857-1930." 2 (June 2001): 338-372.

Boyce, Gordon. "Multilateral Contracting in Australian Mining: The Development of Hamersley Iron, 1961-1966." 2 (September 2001): 543-575.

Church, Roy, and Christine Clark. "Product Development of Branded, Packaged Household Goods in Britain, 1870-1914: Colman's, Reckitt's, and Lever Brothers." 2 (September 2001): 503-542.

Craig, Béatrice. "Petites Bourgeoises and Penny Capitalists: Women in Retail in the Lille Area during the Nineteenth Century." 2 (June 2001): 198-224.

Guthey, Eric. "Ted Turnerís Corporate Cross-Dressing and the Shifting Images of American Business Leadership." 2 (March 2001):

Hafter, Daryl M. "Women in the Underground Business of Eighteenth-Century Lyon." 2 (March 2001):

Jacobson, Lisa. "Manly Boys and Enterprising Dreamers: Business Ideology and the Construction of the Boy Consumer, 1910-1930." 2 (June 2001): 225-258.

Klein, Maury. "Coming Full Circle: The Study of Big Business since 1950." 2 (September 2001): 425-460.

Lamoreaux, Naomi R. "Reframing the Past: Thoughts about Business Leadership and Decision Making under Uncertainty." 2 (December 2001): 632-659 [Presidential Address].

Mahar, Karen Ward. "True Womanhood in Hollywood: Gendered Business Strategies and the Rise and Fall of the Woman Filmmaker, 1896-1928." 2 (March 2001):

Owen, Laura J. "Gender Differences in Labor Turnover and the Development of Internal Labor Markets in the United States during the 1920s." 2 (March 2001):

Verhoef, Grietjie. "Informal Financial Service Institutions for Survival: African Women and Stokvels in Urban South Africa, 1930-1998." 2 (June 2001): 259-296.

Wilson, Mark. "The Extensive Side of Nineteenth-Century Military Economy: The Tent Industry in the Northern United States during the Civil War." 2 (June 2001): 297-337.

Yeager, Mary A. "Mavericks and Mavens of Business History: Miriam Beard and Henrietta Larson." 2 (December 2001): 687-768.

Dissertation Summaries

Klein, Jennifer. "Managing Security: The Business of American Social Policy, 1910-1960." 2 (December 2001): 660-665.

Lécuyer, Christophe. "Making Silicon Valley: Engineering Culture, Innovation, and Industrial Growth, 1930-1970." 2 (December 2001): 666-672.

McKenna, Christopher D. "The World's Newest Profession: Management Consulting in the Twentieth Century." 2 (December 2001): 673-679.

Robertson, Andrew. "Mobilizing for War, Engineering the Peace: The State, the Shop Floor, and the Engineer in Japan, 1935-1960." 2 (December 2001): 680-686.


Amatori, Franco, and Andrea Colli. Impresa e industria in Italia dallí Unità a oggi. 2 (March 2001): 148-50.
    Reviewed by Luciano Segreto

Anglund, Sandra M. Small Business Policy and the American Creed. 2 (March 2001): 165-66.
    Reviewed by Jon Lauck

Ayala, César J. American Sugar Kingdom: The Plantation Economy of the Spanish Caribbean, 1898-1934. 2 (March 2001): 156-57.
    Reviewed by Jules R. Benjamin

Balleisen, Edward J. Navigating Failure: Bankruptcy and Commercial Society in Antebellum America. 2 (December 2001): 834-36.
    Reviewed by Sean Adams

Barsoux, Jean-Louis. INSEAD: From Intuition to Institution. 2 (September 2001): 595-97.
    Reviewed by John F. Wilson

Bartky, Ian R. Selling the True Time: Nineteenth-Century Timekeeping in America. 2 (June 2001): 411-13.
    Reviewed by Barbara Adam

Basini, Gian Luigi, and Gianpiero Lugli, eds. Líaffermazione dellíindustria: Reggio Emilia, 1940-1973. 2 (June 2001): 377-79.
    Reviewed by Andrea Colli

Beckert, Sven. The Monied Metropolis: New York City and the Consolidation of the American Bourgeoisie, 1850-1896. 2 (December 2001): 836-38.
    Reviewed by Tom Mertes

Beder, Sharon. Selling the Work Ethic: From Puritan Pulpit to Corporate PR. 2 (December 2001): 855-57.
    Reviewed by Pamela Laird

Bell, Lynda S. One Industry, Two Chinas: Silk Filatures and Peasant-Family Production in Wuxi County, 1896-1937. 2 (September 2001): 582-84.
    Reviewed by David Pollard

Billings, Dwight B., and Kathleen M. Blee. The Road to Poverty: The Making of Wealth and Hardship in Appalachia. 2 (March 2001): 187-89.
    Reviewed by Richard S. Starnes

Blanke, David. Sowing the American Dream: How Consumer Culture Took Root in the Rural Midwest. 2 (September 2001): 622-26.
    Reviewed by Amy Bix

Blaszczyk, Regina Lee. Imagining Consumers: Design and Innovation from Wedgwood to Corning. 2 (June 2001): 402-4.
    Reviewed by Katherine Grier

Calomiris, Charles W. U.S. Bank Deregulation in Historical Perspective. 2 (March 2001): 166-68.
    Reviewed by Edwin J. Perkins

Caves, Richard E. Creative Industries: Contracts between Art and Commerce. 2 (June 2001): 392-95.
    Reviewed by Gerben Bakker

Chamberlain, Kathleen P. Under Sacred Ground: A History of Navajo Oil, 1922-1982. 2 (September 2001): 615-17.
    Reviewed by William R. Childs

Choo, Myung-Gun. The New Asia in Global Perspective. 2 (March 2001): 157-58.
    Reviewed by Stephanie Po-yin Chung

Clarke, Alison J. Tupperware: The Promise of Plastic in 1950s America. 2 (September 2001): 611-13.
    Reviewed by Marc R. Sykes

Cochran, Sherman. Encountering Chinese Networks: Western, Japanese, and Chinese Corporations in China, 1880-1937. 2 (September 2001): 584-87.
    Reviewed by Mira Wilkins

Colander, David, ed. Complexity and the History of Economic Thought. 2 (September 2001): 576-78.
    Reviewed by Ben Fine

Collins, Robert M. More: The Politics of Economic Growth in Postwar America. 2 (September 2001): 601-3.
    Reviewed by Judith Stein

Cowie, Jefferson. Capital Moves: RCAís 70-Year Quest for Cheap Labor. 2 (March 2001): 175-77.
    Reviewed by David Palmer

Curcio, Vincent. Chrysler: The Life and Times of an Automotive Genius. 2 (June 2001): 415-16.
    Reviewed by Nelson Lichtenstein

Davis, Clark. Company Men: White-Collar Life and Corporate Cultures in Los Angeles, 1892-1941. 2 (March 2001): 191-93.
    Reviewed by Daniel Jacoby

Deslippe, Dennis A. "Rights, Not Roses": Unions and the Rise of Working-Class Feminism, 1945-80. 2 (September 2001): 626-30.
    Reviewed by Peter Rachleff

Desser, David, and Garth S. Jowett, eds. Hollywood Goes Shopping. 2 (March 2001): 170-73.
    Reviewed by Alison Clarke

Dixin, Xu, and Wu Chengming, eds. Chinese Capitalism, 1522-1840.. 2 (June 2001): 383-86.
    Reviewed by David Pong

Dorwart, Jeffery M. The Philadelphia Navy Yard: From the Birth of the U.S. Navy to the Nuclear Age. 2 (September 2001): 617-18.
    Reviewed by Thomas Heinrich

Fasce, Ferdinando. La democrazia degli affari: comunicazione aziendale e discorso pubblico negli Stati Uniti, 1900-1940. 2 (June 2001): 413-14.
    Reviewed by Giuseppe Berta

Finkelstein, Andrea. Harmony and the Balance: An Intellectual History of Seventeenth-Century English Economic Thought. 2 (September 2001): 587-88.
    Reviewed by Edwin J. Perkins

Freeland, Robert F. The Struggle for Control of the Modern Corporation: Organizational Change at General Motors, 1924-1970. 2 (December 2001): 844-47.
    Reviewed by David Kirsch

Friedman, John Block, and Kristen Mossler Figg, eds. Trade, Travel, and Exploration in the Middle Ages: An Encyclopedia. 2 (December 2001): 809-11.
    Reviewed by Pamela O. Long

Garcia-Johnson, Ronie. Exporting Environmentalism: U.S. Multinational Chemical Corporations in Brazil and Mexico. 2 (September 2001): 581-82.
    Reviewed by Darwin H. Stapleton

Gardner, Mark L. Wagons for the Santa Fe Trail: Wheeled Vehicles and Their Makers, 1822-1880. 2 (March 2001): 165-66.
    Reviewed by Thomas Kinney

Handley, Susannah. Nylon: The Story of a Fashion Revolution-A Celebration of Design from Art Silk to Nylon and Thinking Fibres. 2 (March 2001): 168-70.
    Reviewed by Sarah Elvins

Hansen, Karen Tranberg. Salaula: The World of Secondhand Clothing and Zambia. 2 (September 2001): 579-80.
    Reviewed by Susan Strasser

Harris, Howell John. Bloodless Victories: The Rise and Fall of the Open Shop in the Philadelphia Metal Trades, 1890-1940. 2 (December 2001): 839-41.
    Reviewed by Peter Wardley

Harris, Ron. Industrializing English Law: Entrepreneurship and Business Organization, 1720-1844. 2 (June 2001): 381-83.
    Reviewed by Roy Church

Hawley, James P., and Andrew T. Williams. The Rise of Fiduciary Capitalism: How Institutional Investors Can Make Corporate America More Democratic. 2 (September 2001): 599-601.
    Reviewed by Dale L. Flesher

Hay, Colin, and David Marsh, eds. Demystifying Globalization. 2 (June 2001): 373-75.
    Reviewed by Lars Engwall

Hirsh, Richard F. Power Loss: The Origins of Deregulation and Restructuring in the American Electric Utility System. 2 (December 2001): 847-50.
    Reviewed by John L. Neufeld

Hughes, Agatha C., and Thomas P. Hughes, eds. Systems, Experts, and Computers: The Systems Approach in Management and Engineering, World War II and After. 2 (September 2001): 603-7.
    Reviewed by Michael N. Geselowitz

Irland, Lloyd C. The Northeastís Changing Forest. 2 (March 2001): 184-87.
    Reviewed by W. Scott Prudham

Itoh, Mayumi. Globalization of Japan: Japanese Sakoku Mentality and U.S. Efforts to Open Japan. 2 (June 2001): 389-91.
    Reviewed by Mansel G. Blackford

Jackall, Robert, and Janice M. Hirota. Image Makers: Advertising, Public Relations, and the Ethos of Advocacy. 2 (June 2001): 417-18.
    Reviewed by Ferdinando Fasce

Johansen, Bruce E., ed. The Encyclopedia of Native American Economic History. 2 (March 2001): 182-84.
    Reviewed by Brian Hosmer

Johnson, Walter. Soul by Soul: Life Inside the Antebellum Slave Market. 2 (March 2001): 180-82.
    Reviewed by Douglas R. Egerton

Kenney, Martin, ed. Understanding Silicon Valley: The Anatomy of an Entrepreneurial Region. 2 (September 2001): 619-22.
    Reviewed by Glenn Bugos

Kim, Linsu, and Richard R. Nelson, eds. Technology, Learning, and Innovation: Experiences of Newly Industrialising Economies. 2 (December 2001): 816-19.
    Reviewed by Richard Coopey

Kirsch, David A. The Electric Vehicle and the Burden of History. 2 (September 2001): 609-11.
    Reviewed by Thomas Zeiler

Kirzner, Israel M. The Driving Force of the Market: Essays in Austrian Economics. 2 (September 2001): 576-78.
    Reviewed by Ben Fine

Kline, Ronald R. Consumers in the Country: Technology and Social Change in Rural America. 2 (September 2001): 622-26.
    Reviewed by Amy Bix

Koehn, Nancy. Brand New: How Entrepreneurs Earned Consumers' Trust from Wedgwood to Dell. 2 (December 2001): 832-34.
    Reviewed by Tom Dicke

Koeppel, Gerard T. Water for Gotham: A History. 2 (June 2001): 398-400.
    Reviewed by Joel A. Tarr

König, Wolfgang. Geschichte der Konsumgesellschaft. 2 (September 2001): 597-99.
    Reviewed by Werner Bührer

Lachmann, Richard. Capitalists in Spite of Themselves: Elite Conflict and Economic Transitions in Early Modern Europe. 2 (December 2001): 821-23.
    Reviewed by Anne E. C. McCants

Landau, Ralph, Basil Achilladelis, and Alexandre Scriabine, eds. Pharmaceutical Innovation: Revolutionizing Human Health. 2 (June 2001): 395-96.
    Reviewed by Frederik Nebeker

Larsson, Mats. Bonniers—en mediefamilj: Förlag, konglomerat och mediekoncern, 1953-1990. 2 (December 2001): 830-32.
    Reviewed by Anna Christina Ulfsparre

Lee, Chong-Moon, et al., eds. The Silicon Valley Edge: A Habitat for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 2 (September 2001): 619-22.
    Reviewed by Glenn Bugos

Lehuu, Isabelle. Carnival on the Page: Popular Print Media in Antebellum America. 2 (June 2001): 400-401.
    Reviewed by Rosalind Remer

Levin, Miriam R., ed. Cultures of Control. 2 (September 2001): 603-7.
    Reviewed by Michael N. Geselowitz

Loehlin, Jennifer A. From Rugs to Riches: Housework, Consumption and Modernity in Germany. 2 (March 2001): 150-52.
    Reviewed by Lawrence B. Glickman

McKendrick, David G., Richard F. Doner, and Stephan Haggard. From Silicon Valley to Singapore: Location and Competitive Advantage in the Hard Disk Drive Industry. 2 (December 2001): 819-21.
    Reviewed by Robert G. Ferguson

Majewski, John. A House Dividing: Economic Development in Pennsylvania and Virginia before the Civil War. 2 (June 2001): 396-98.
    Reviewed by Michael Zakim

Manzetti, Luigi. Privatization South American Style. 2 (March 2001): 154-56.
    Reviewed by Yovanna Pineda

Mathews, John A., and Dong-Sung Cho. Tiger Technology: The Creation of a Semiconductor Industry in East Asia. 2 (December 2001): 816-19.
    Reviewed by Richard Coopey

May, Lary. The Big Tomorrow: Hollywood and the Politics of the American Way. 2 (June 2001): 392-95.
    Reviewed by Gerben Bakker

Mele, Christopher. Selling the Lower East Side: Culture, Real Estate, and Resistance in New York City. 2 (March 2001): 193-95.
    Reviewed by Jeffrey Hornstein

Meyer, David R. Hong Kong as a Global Metropolis. 2 (June 2001): 386-89.
    Reviewed by Ferry de Goey

Mierzejewski, Alfred C. The Most Valuable Asset of the Reich: A History of the German National Railway, volume 2: 1933-1945. 2 (December 2001): 823-25.
    Reviewed by Geoffrey Channon

Millikan, William. A Union Against Unions: The Minneapolis Citizens Alliance and Its Fight Against Organized Labor, 1903-1947. 2 (December 2001): 852-55.
    Reviewed by Howard R. Stanger

Molà, Luca. The Silk Industry of Renaissance Venice. 2 (September 2001): 590-93.
    Reviewed by Daryl M. Hafter

Molà, Luca, Reinhold C. Mueller, and Claudio Zanier, eds. Dal baco a; drappo: La seta in Italia dal Medioevo al Seicento. 2 (September 2001): 590-93.
    Reviewed by Daryl M. Hafter

Okumura, Hiroshi. Corporate Capitalism in Japan. 2 (June 2001): 389-91.
    Reviewed by Mansel G. Blackford

Olien, Roger M., and Diana Davids Olien. Oil and Ideology: The Cultural Creation of the American Petroleum Industry. 2 (March 2001): 173-75.
    Reviewed by Tyler Priest

Owen, Nancy E. Rockwood and the Industry of Art: Women, Culture, and Commerce, 1880-1913. 2 (December 2001): 842-44.
    Reviewed by Regina Lee Blaszczyk

Pacey, Arnold. Meaning in Technology. 2 (March 2001): 163-65.
    Reviewed by Paul Israel

Persson, Karl Gunnar. Grain Markets in Europe, 1500-1900: Integration and Deregulation. 2 (March 2001): 145-46.
    Reviewed by Philip T. Hoffman

Plitt, Jane R. Martha Matilda Harper and the American Dream: How One Woman Changed the Face of Modern Business. 2 (June 2001): 407-9.
    Reviewed by Steven Zdatny

Rajala, Richard A. Clearcutting the Pacific Rain Forest: Production, Science, and Regulation. 2 (March 2001): 184-87.
    Reviewed by W. Scott Prudham

Rath, Jan, ed. Immigrant Business: The Economic, Political and Social Environment. 2 (March 2001): 143-44.
    Reviewed by Donna R. Gabaccia

Roberts, Brian. American Alchemy: The California Gold Rush and Middle-Class Culture. 2 (March 2001): 189-91.
    Reviewed by Clark Davis

Robertson, David Brian. Capital, Labor, & State: The Battle for American Labor Markets from the Civil War to the New Deal. 2 (December 2001): 850-52.
    Reviewed by Andrew W. Cohen

Schmiechen, James, and Kenneth Carls. The British Market Hall: A Social and Architectural History. 2 (March 2001): 152-54.
    Reviewed by Roberta M. Moudry

Shenhav, Yehouda. Manufacturing Rationality: The Engineering Foundations of the Managerial Revolution. 2 (March 2001): 159-61.
    Reviewed by John K. Smith

Smail, John. Merchants, Markets and Manufacture: The English Wool Textile Industry in the Eighteenth Century. 2 (June 2001): 379-81.
    Reviewed by James Jaffe

Spang, Rebecca L. The Invention of the Restaurant: Paris and Modern Gastronomic Culture. 2 (March 2001): 146-48.
    Reviewed by Sydney Watts

Stokes, Raymond G. Constructing Socialism: Technology and Change in East Germany, 1945-1990. 2 (December 2001): 825-27.
    Reviewed by Martina Hessler

Storrs, Landon R. Y. Civilizing Capitalism: The National Consumersí League, Womenís Activism, and Labor Standards in the New Deal Era. 2 (June 2001): 411-13.
    Reviewed by Bryant Simon

Terrio, Susan J. Crafting the Culture and History of French Chocolate. 2 (September 2001): 593-95.
    Reviewed by Sydney Watts

Tortella, Gabriel. The Development of Modern Spain: An Economic History of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. 2 (June 2001): 375-77.
    Reviewed by Jose Luis Garcia-Ruiz

Ugarteche, Oscar. The False Dilemma—Globalization: Opportunity or Threat. 2 (December 2001): 813-15.
    Reviewed by Gail D. Triner

Vaught, David. Cultivating California: Growers, Specialty Crops, and Labor, 1875-1920. 2 (June 2001): 404-6.
    Reviewed by Brian Black

Walker, Juliet E. K., ed. Encyclopedia of African American Business History. 2 (March 2001): 177-80.
    Reviewed by Robert E. Weems, Jr.

Walker, Nancy A. Shaping Our Mothers' World: American Women's Magazines. 2 (September 2001): 607-9.
    Reviewed by Sarah Leavitt

Walsh, Margaret. Making Connections: The Long-Distance Bus Industry in the USA. 2 (September 2001): 613-15.
    Reviewed by Jan Davidson

Wank, David L. Commodifying Communism: Business, Trust, and Politics in a Chinese City. 2 (June 2001): 386-89.
    Reviewed by Ferry de Goey

Warren, Wilson J. Struggling with "Iowa's Pride": Labor Relations, Unionism, and Politics in the Rural Midwest since 1877. 2 (September 2001): 626-30.
    Reviewed by Peter Rachleff

Willett, Julie A. Permanent Waves: The Making of the American Beauty Shop. 2 (June 2001): 409-10.
    Reviewed by Steven Zdatny

Williams, Allan M., and Vladimir Baláz. Tourism in Transition: Economic Change in Central Europe. 2 (December 2001): 827-30.
    Reviewed by John Perkins

Wrightson, Keith. Earthly Necessities: Economic Lives in Early Modern Britain. 2 (September 2001): 588-90.
    Reviewed by John Smail

Yates, JoAnne, and John Van Maanen, eds. Information Technology and Organizational Transformation: History, Rhetoric, and Practice. 2 (December 2001): 811-13.
    Reviewed by David Morton


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