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BHC Policies on the Annual Meeting

  1. Individuals may submit no more than two paper proposals (and/or research panels and roundtables) for consideration of the Program Committee per year.
  2. Authors may give only one paper per year.
  3. The Program Committee will in general select discussants and chairs that do not appear elsewhere on the program. Exceptions will be at the discretion of the program committee.
  4. The dissertation session is a plenary and no other sessions are held at that time. Dissertation session presenters may appear elsewhere on the annual meeting program as a presenter, chair, or discussant.
  5. The membership meeting will be held on Saturday, for at least one-half hour, at a time when no other activities are scheduled.
  6. Workshops, tours, etc. will be held on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday, not Friday or Saturday, so as not to conflict with the research presentations.
Adopted by the BHC Board of Trustees March 29, 2012

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