In Cooperation with the Gesellschaft für Unternehmensgeschichte e. V.

Useful Maps

On this site we have consolidated links to all the maps that we have produced for the Frankfurt meeting:

1. Driving Map and Campus Overview
2. Campus Map
3. Another Campus Map
4. Floor Plan, main floor, IG-Hochhaus (Poelzig Building), BHC Meeting Space
5. Floor Plan, basement, IG-Hochhaus (Poelzig Building), BHC Meeting Space
6. City Map, BHC Locations marked
7. City Map, Hotels marked
8. Walking Map, to dinner location for Doctoral Colloquium Members
9. Public Transit Map, detail of meeting event areas

In addition, here are a few links to offsite maps of Frankfurt and the Transit System:

1. Interactive Frankfurt City Map
2. Full Transit Map

Those with smartphones or tablets might find it useful to download an app featuring Frankfurt City and Transit maps; a quick check shows they are available for most operating systems, either free or for a nominal charge; most work off-line once downloaded.