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The CEBC Halloran Prize in Corporate Responsibility

This prize is offered by the Center for Ethical Business Cultures (CEBC) at the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business in honor of Harry Halloran, Jr., for his support of research on the history of corporate responsibility in twentieth-century business. Mr. Halloran's philanthropy has funded a multi-year project at the University of St. Thomas to research and write U.S. and global histories of corporate responsibility. The prize consists of a $500 award and a certificate of recognition.

The prize will recognize a paper from among those submitted to the 2014 Business History Conference meeting that makes a significant contribution to the history of corporate responsibility. Terminology has varied in describing this field and has included: the responsibilities of business, the social responsibilities of business, business social responsibility, corporate social responsibility, corporate citizenship, and, occasionally in recent years, sustainability. Relevant topics might include, among others: business engagement with and action on social issues, environmental issues, labor-management relations, business giving, influence of religion on business practice, business influence on government policy, etc. The competition is open to papers dealing with the topic up to the present time.

The prize committee consists of three members: two designated by the Business History Conference and one by the Center for Ethical Business Cultures at the University of St. Thomas. This year's committee members are Mark Wilson, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Howard Cox, University of Worcester, and Kenneth Lipartito, Florida International University (chair).

Only papers written in English will be considered. Papers may be submitted only once for consideration by the committee. Papers may be self-nominated or nominated by any member of the committee for consideration from among the abstracts and papers submitted to the Business History Conference. To be considered, papers must be submitted to the committee prior to the beginning of the Business History Conference meeting—in 2014, by March 1.

Please send electronic copies of submissions to:

Kenneth Lipartito, Chair
CEBC-Halloran Prize Committee