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Information for Emerging Scholars

Each year, the Emerging Scholars group of the Business History Conference works to enhance the experience of scholars who are new to the organization. We are always looking for new ways to welcome and integrate emerging scholars (that is, graduate students and recent Ph.D.s) into the organization. For the 2014 meeting in Frankfurt, the Emerging Scholars Committee is introducing a new initiative to help our emerging scholars make connections with more senior scholars in the field. Anyone who self-identifies as an emerging scholar is invited to provide the committee with a brief (about 100-word) biographical statement, indicating Ph.D. (discipline and graduate status), institutional affiliation, and research interests (attendees do not have to be on the program to participate). We also encourage submitting a photograph along with the statement to make it easier for our members to identify you and introduce themselves to you at the meeting. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please send your brief statements and photos to Pat Denault, BHC Web Editor, at and Dominique Tobbell, co-chair, Emerging Scholars Committee, at as soon as possible. The resulting information will be posted as it is received on the BHC meeting website at bios14.html.

The Committee will also create an email list of registrants who self-identify as "emerging scholars" during the registration process (a check box for this purpose will appear).

Two Workshops are scheduled in advance of the meeting on topics of particular interest. The 2014 topics, chosen with relevance to the meeting in Europe, are "Multilingual Business History" and "The Promise and Perils of the Euro." Though not exclusively aimed at new members, the Workshops give attendees an opportunity to interact outside the bustle of the regular meeting. In addition, an "Emerging Scholars Reception" takes place at each meeting. In Frankfurt, the reception will be held on Friday night from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. at the Helaba Tower.

We are also offering another new initiative for Emerging Scholars, particularly for those of you who are new to the Business History Conference. At the conference registration desk we will have available small circular "Emerging Scholars" stickers for you to attach to your name tags. This is completely voluntary—there is no pressure for you to use these stickers, but they're available to you if you'd like to use them. There will also be stickers available for first-time attendees, which say "This is my first BHC meeting." Please feel free to take one of these too!

Dominique Tobbell of the University of Minnesota is co-chair of the Emerging Scholars Committee. She encourages new emerging scholars attending the meeting to contact her in advance if they would like help with introductions to other scholars in attendance. She can be reached via email at