The Oxford Journals Doctoral Colloquium

The Oxford Journals Doctoral Colloquium in Business History annually offers a small group of graduate students an opportunity to work intensively on their dissertations with distinguished Business History Conference-affiliated scholars, including at least two BHC officers. The Director of the Doctoral Colloquium is Pamela W. Laird of the University of Colorado Denver.

The 2013 Doctoral Colloquium will be held in conjunction with the Business History Conference annual meeting in Columbus, Ohio. Participants will discuss dissertation proposals, relevant literatures and research strategies, and employment opportunities in business history. The personnel for the 2013 Colloquium are:

Margaret Levenstein, University of Michigan, BHC Past-President
Mansel Blackford, The Ohio State University, former BHC President
Andrew Popp, University of Liverpool Management School
Jennifer Delton, Skidmore College
Student Liaison:
Joseph Arena, Ohio State University
"Closer to the Edge: New York City and the Triumph of Risk"

Participants are chosen through a competitive application process, announced with each year's meeting call for papers. This year's Colloquium members and their topics are:

Michael Aldous, London School of Economics and Political Science
"Avoiding 'Negligency and Confusion'? Re-evaluating the Role of the Partnership in Nineteenth-Century British Trading Firms in India"

Malin Dahlström, University of Gothenburg
"The Limestone and Cement Industry in Sweden: A Study about Concentration, Rationalization and Cooperation in Two Industries, 1890-1975"

Elbra David, University of California, Irvine
"Legal Pluralism and Mercantile Authority in the Integration in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic"

Austin Dean, The Ohio State University
"A Coin for China? Making Money and Modernity in the Late Qing Dynasty, 1870-1912"

Ted Fertik, Yale University
"Industrialization as Globalization: Iron and Steel between Germany, Brazil, and the United States"

Ai Hisano, University of Delaware
"A History of Food Color in the United States, 1880s-1970s"

Sylvea Hollis, University of Iowa
" 'What are you worth?' Race and the Multiple Meanings of Risk in the Jim Crow Era, 1887-1945"

John Lapidus, University of Gothenburg
"Why Such a Permissive Attitude towards Monopolistic Associations? Social Democracy up to the First Swedish Law on Cartels in 1925"

Malcolm Purinton, Northeastern University
"Imperialism in a Bottle: How the Pilsner Lager Became the Imperial Beer"

Ellen Spero, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Crafting a 'Technological Education': Academic-Industrial Laboratories and the 'Innovation Society' "

We are most grateful for the generous support of Oxford Journals, which makes the Doctoral Colloquium possible. We also very much appreciate additional help from the Department of History at the Ohio State University, which is hosting the 2013 Colloquium.

Questions concerning the Colloquium should be directed to Pamela Laird.