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About H-AfResearch: An H-Net Network on Research in African Primary Sources

What is H-AfResearch?
H-AfResearch is dedicated to enhancing scholarly communication about the use of primary sources in African humanities and social sciences research. Primary sources are defined broadly to include archival records, manuscripts and personal papers; photograph and film collections; field notes, oral data and music collections; material culture and artifacts. The network seeks to build bridges between two main audiences: African Studies researchers and primary source repository professionals, including archivists, librarians, or museum curators. Focusing on the research process will allow researchers to get informed responses to practical questions, from both other researchers and the caretakers of the raw materials of research, in Africa or outside the continent.

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Scope of H-AfResearch
H-AfResearch is a moderated discussion list. The subject matter of H-AfResearch interests both researchers and information professionals. The editors are advised by an international editorial board broadly representative of both audiences. Researchers come to this discussion group to query list subscribers about locating primary sources on particular topics, identifying other researchers with experience in those sources, and obtaining practical tips and up-to-date information on the use of specific collections. In addition, researchers raise broader methodological issues arising from working with primary source materials in all their various formats. Repository professionals benefit from participation in the network because it allows them to publicize their institutions and services, inform the research community of additions and changes in their holdings, and alerts them to funding needs that researchers and other repository professionals may be able to assist them with through their own grant writing and institutional affiliations. As one of the family of H-Net African discussion lists, the editors of H-Africa will forward to other lists messages that do not fall within the scope of H-AfResearch.

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