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From: "APIC" <apic@igc.apc.org>
Organization: Africa Policy Information Center
Date sent: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 09:40:03 -0500

Africa: Document List, 1995

The Africa Policy Electronic Distribution List, featuring short publications by APIC and WOA, as well as selected reposted documents from other public sources, began formal operation in January 1995. In October 1995 a web/gopher site was established as an archive for the documents, at the address <http://www.igc.apc.org/apic/index.shtml>. We have also been seeking a way to supply previously distributed documents to readers currently having only e-mail access, as is the case in many African countries and in many non-governmental organizations which have not yet begun to use web-browsing software.

One such option we have found is the WebMail server at University College, Cork, in Ireland. This service provides text files only from Web pages or Gopher directories, in HTML and plaintext format, in response to a one-line e-mail message to webmail@www.ucc.ie. The text of the message can take the following formats (the subject line is irrelevant).

(1) The message "GO [URL]" will bring a reply containing the HTML original of the selected page/file (or a simple text file in the case of a Gopher file), plus a formatted copy without the HTML markup (but UUencoded to avoid garbling of accents). If you have a Web browser on your personal computer, but simply lack the full Internet connection, you can display the HTML file on your local computer. Otherwise, you can use the formatted version as a plain text file.

For [URL] substitute the full URL (Uniform Resource Locator) address that you wish to retrieve (without the brackets). The URL must be typed exactly, or the retrieval will not work. Do not type the "quotes" either.

(2) As (1) but using the keyword GET instead of GO. This retrieves only the HTML file, without the UUencoded formatted version. This is preferable for Gopher files, such as those we distribute, since it will give you the plain text without uudecoding.

(3) The message "HELP" (to the same address) will bring a reply giving more details about WebMail.

(4) Only one request can be sent in a message; and there is a limit of 50 requests from a single user in a day. There is a size limit of files of 64kb. Commands must start in the first space of the line (do not indent), and you must not attach a signature file to your message.

NOTE: PLEASE do not use this service (other than to test it for the purpose of passing on advice to others without Web access) if you have access to a full Internet connection and a Web browser. At least one other effort to supply such services has collapsed apparently due to server overload. WebMail should be used only for the purpose of increasing access for those without direct Internet Web capability.

You may retrieve any of the documents we distributed in 1995 (which range in size from 4K to 24K) by using the URL's below. For example, to obtain the APIC Background Paper on Angola, distributed in March 1995, you would address an e-mail message to webmail@www.ucc.ie and put the following command in the text:

get <gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/ang9503>

To obtain a list of documents distributed to date in 1996, with the appropriate URLs, send instead the following message:

get <gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs96/.sum>

Documents Distributed in 1995

Africa: Policy Outlook 1995 (950116)

Africa: Congressional Subcommittee Membership (950121) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/afrsub95>

Africa: Save Aid to Africa (950125)

Africa: Support for Peacekeeping at Risk (950212) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/pk9502.alt>

Africa: Rethinking U.S. Aid to the Middle East (950216) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/me9502>

Africa: The World Bank and African NGOs (950221) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/ida9502>

Africa: Aid Threatened (950228)

Africa: African Human Rights Directory Available (950309) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/hrd9503>

Africa: Modest Economic Upturn (950313) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/afrecove.art>

Africa: Congressional Actions Expected (950430) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/con9504>

Africa: NGO Aid Proposal (950512)

Africa: African Americans for Aid to Africa (950517) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/a4-9505>

Africa: Congressional Letter on Africa Aid (950517) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/coll9505>

Africa: Americans on UN Peacekeeping (950528) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/pk9505>

Africa: African Development Foundation on Chopping Block (950701)

Africa: Africa Policy Electronic Distribution List (950702) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/ann9506>

Africa: B-2s vs. Africa Aid (950715)

Africa: UN Development Priorities (950724) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/eco9507>

Africa: Aid to Africa, The Senate's Turn (950730) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/aid9507>

Africa: NGOs Urge Reform in U.S. Trade Policy (950815) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/eesi9508>

Africa: Report Cites Declining International Aid (950821) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/icva9508>

Africa: Torture Victims Bills Need Support (950822) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/tor9508>

Africa: Trade Policy Reform in Congress (950907) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/eesi9509>

Africa: Urgent Action on Aid (950927)

Africa: Aid Urgent Action (Updated) (951004) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/aid9510>

Africa: APIC Note to Readers (951014)

Africa: Trade Issue Brief, 1 (951216)

Africa: Trade Issue Brief, 2 (951216)

Angola: UN Peacekeeping Vote (950201)

Angola: United Nations Security Council (950210) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/ang9502.10>

Angola: APIC Background Paper 001 (March 1995) (950316) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/ang9503>

Angola: Angola Peace Monitor, no. 4 (950531) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/apm9505.19>

Angola: Angola Peace Monitor, Issue number 5 (950605) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/apm9506.02>

Angola: Angola Peace Monitor Issue no.6, 16 June 1995 (950620) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/apm9506.20>

Angola: Excerpts from UN Report (950729) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/un9507>

Angola: Angola Peace Monitor Number 7 (950811) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/apm9508>

Angola: Peace Monitor II, 1 (951004)

Angola: Peace Monitor II, 2 (951026 )

Angola: Peace Monitor II, 3 (951204)

Angola: Peace Monitor II, 4 (951220)

Burundi: Crisis Demands World Involvement (950404) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/burundi.495>

Ivory Coast: Election Critique (951017) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/ivo9510.15>

Kenya: Recent Documents, Part 1 (950802) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/ken9508.1>

Kenya: Recent Documents, Part 2 (950802) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/ken9508.2>

Liberia: U.S. Policy (part 1) (950916)

Liberia: U.S. Policy (part 2) (950916)

Liberia: More U.S. Support Needed (951022) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/lib9510>

Mozambique: Donor Politics and Mozambique (950515) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/moz9505>

Mozambique: Recent Documents, 1 (951206) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/moz9512.1>

Mozambique: Recent Documents, 2 (951206) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/moz9512.2>

Nigeria: Obasanjo Arrested (950317)

Nigeria: Trade Unionists Targeted (950510) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/ai9505>

Nigeria: Recent Documents, Part 1 (950611) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/hrw9506>

Nigeria: Recent Documents, Part 2 (950611) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/mal9506>

Nigeria: Government Opponents Feared in Danger (950622) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/oba9506>

Nigeria: New Reports on Ogoni Crisis (950713) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/ogon9507>

Nigeria: Death Sentence for Activists (951101) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/nig9511>

Nigeria: Selected Action Alerts (951118) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/nig9511.2>

Nigeria: US Senate Bill Introduced (951118) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/nig9511.3>

Nigeria: AI on New York Times Ad (951212) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/nig9512.ai>

Nigeria: 30 Years is Enough! (951230)

Nigeria: Legislative Action Alert (951230) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/nig9512.woa>

Rwanda: Updates from AAAC and from UN Security Council (950224)

Rwanda: Recent Documents, Part 1 (950524) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/rw9505.1>

Rwanda: Recent Documents, Part 2 (950524) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/rw9505.2>

Rwanda: HRW Arms Report (950530)

Rwanda: Recent UN Documents (950912)

Rwanda: Refugee Report, part 1 (951109) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/rwan9511.1>

Rwanda: Refugee Report, part 2 (951109) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/rwan9511.2>

Rwanda/Burundi: InterAction Statement (950804) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/cen9508>

South Africa: Indemnities by Former Regime (950118) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/hrw9501.16>

South Africa: Violence against Women (951124) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/sa9511.hrw>

Southern Africa: US Legislators Visit (951012) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/saf9510>

Sudan: Amnesty International Campaign (950208) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/ai9501.sud>

Sudan: International Campaign for Peace in Sudan (950608) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/sud9506>

Sudan: Southern Sudan, Capacity Building (950720) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/nns9507>

Sudan: Resource Guide (part 1) (950926) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/sudan.rg1>

Sudan: Resource Guide (part 2) (950926) <URL=gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7040/00/docs95/sudan.rg2>

This material is produced and distributed by the Africa Policy Information Center (APIC). APIC's primary objective is to widen the policy debate in the United States around African issues and the U.S. role in Africa, by concentrating on providing accessible policy-relevant information and analysis usable by a wide range of groups and individuals. APIC is affiliated with the Washington Office on Africa (WOA), a not-for-profit church, trade union and civil rights group supported organization that works with Congress on Africa-related legislation.

Note: If you did not request to be on our distribution list, you were suggested by someone else as likely to be interested, or you are receiving this on another list or bulletin board or as forwarded by someone else. If you wish to be removed from our list or to receive postings directly rather than through a bulletin board, please send an e-mail message to apic@igc.apc.org. Please be patient :-).

Documents previously distributed are available on the Web at: http://www.igc.apc.org/apic/index.shtml. To receive a description of the list, send an e-mail message to africapolicy-info@igc.apc.org. To receive information about APIC, with a list of publications, send an e-mail message to apic-info@igc.apc.org. Messages requiring more than an automatic response must instead be sent to apic@igc.apc.org.

For additional information: Africa Policy Information Center, 110 Maryland Ave. NE, #509, Washington, DC 20002. Phone: 202-546-7961. Fax: 202-546-1545. E-mail: apic@igc.apc.org.

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