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H-Net's many online communities offered diverse and informed perspectives on the meaning of the events of September 11, 2001.


Jhistory - Home page | Logs - Sep. | Oct.
Jhistory, the list for journalism historians, has been discussing the news coverage of the terror attacks, its historical precedents, and an evaluation of biases in crisis reporting. We have also posted a series of reports from New York City, from list member Jay Rosen, Chair of New York University's Journalism Department.

Addressing Tragedy in the Classroom
Edited by Steve Mintz

1. Introduction
2. Historical Background
3. Teaching Tragedy
4. Chronologies
5. Glossary
6. Web Resources
7. Essential Readings

HABSBURG - Home page | Logs - Sep. | Oct.
HABSBURG's discussion was sparked by a mini-essay that invited historians to think about the similarities between the situation facing the US today and the Habsburg Monarchy in the summer of 1914, when the latter felt itself provoked by the worst of a series of terror attacks. Leaders felt a need to respond to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, but hesitated out of an awareness of the complexities and dangers of the situation. Respondents commented on the relevance of the comparison for their teaching, though they emphasized some important differences in the two situations.

H-SHEAR - Home page | Logs - Sep. | Oct.
H-SHEAR, H-Net's discussion network on the early American republic, has been pursuing a thread about historical parallels to terrorism in our period, roughly 1770s-1850s. The discussion has included ideas about teaching the subject, and an extended treatment of the US government's confrontations with the Barbary pirates as a possible parallel to current events.

H-Diplo - Home page | Logs Sep. | Oct.
H-Diplo is an global community of scholars dedicated to the study of diplomatic and international history. Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, list members have engaged in an active and critical debate, seeking to interpret the impact of these events on the international system.

H-RadHist - Home page | Logs - Sep. | Oct.
H-RadHist's 500-plus international subscribers debate the implications for radical practice, and left understandings of global history and globalization. Recent exchanges focus on Michael Kazin's contention in the New York Times that this bodes an historic split for American radicals, with Kazin joining in.

H-War - Home Page | Logs - Sep. | Oct.
H-War, H-Net's network on military history, has been pursuing several extended threads on the consequences, tactics, and history of terrorism. The discussion includes historical parallels (the Barbary Pirates, imperial wars in Malaysia, the Phillippines, etc.), recent military experiences in the Gulf and Somalia, and the relationship between globalization and the emergence of terrorism as a military weapon.

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