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Announcements Editorial Policy

All announcements made on H-Net must meet the following important qualifications and conditions:
  1. Submissions made to the online Announcements System are automatically sent to H-Announce; Any announcment made over H-Announce will also be archived on the website, therefore it is necessary to post your announcement using only one of these distribution methods.
  2. H-Net reserves the right to edit extremely long announcements for clarity and concision, and to ask for changes and clarifications. H-Net will post reminders and re-posts of announcements, but asks that the authors of these messages time their submissions carefully to make the most effective use of our service.
  3. Announcements of new web sites or internet resources are welcome, and are most likely to be posted when their noncommercial, academic, scholarly, or educational content is self-evident from the announcement and at the site.
  4. H-Net does not guarantee posting of Announcements: time differences, variations in the rotations of duty editors, and the vagaries of the internet mail routing system can cause delays in postings.
  5. Job postings should be directed to the H-Net Job Guide or be forwarded to jobs@h-net.msu.edu.
  6. Publishers interested in promoting new works should contact the H-Net Reviews Office, to arrange for reviews of such works. On occasion, editors post lists of new books or recent publications; but they do not send out bookjacket blurbs, endorsements, or similar promotional literature about publications.

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