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The H-Net Community: Building Bridges

H-Net Teaching Project
Working Paper

  1. Discussion Lists:

    All H-Net Discussion lists discuss teaching issues and solicit teaching resources. In addition, H-Net sponsors several lists devoted particularly to teaching:

    H-Teach: Teaching College History
    H-Survey: Teaching the US Survey
    H-W-Civ: Teaching Western Civilization
    H-MMedia: High Tech teaching
    H-High-S: Teaching High School Social Studies
    H-High-E: Teaching High School English (coming soon)

  2. Book and Software Reviews:

    The H-Net review project is committed to publishing professional reviews of teaching material. Both the teaching lists and the subject-area lists review books and software specifically for teaching purposes.

  3. Training:

    H-Net has three years experience in training college professors to use the Internet and new high tech teaching tools. We are planning a national training Center at MSU that will offer a range of course over the summer beginning in 1997 aimed at college professors, K-12 teachers, and graduate students. (An NEH "Teaching with Technology" grant proposal was submitted to help kick off this center).

  4. Digitalization:

    H-Net is committed to encouraging and assisting the digitalization of historical texts, maps, and images. We currently are running a pilot project TEXT96 through the University of Illinois to digitalize documents for the US survey course. We are also interested in exploring the possibility of digitalizing out-of-print but useful secondary works that professors like to use in the classes. We need to make decisions about the use of TEI as well as HTML on future digitalization projects and about indexing and searching tools for presenting these documents on the web.

  5. H-Link:

    H-Link is an initiative to rebuild linkages between K-12 teachers and college professors in the humanities. The first H-Link project will be a Integrative Internet project focusing on the Scopes Trial. The project is designed to develop new Internet teaching resources, develop pedagogical materials to accompany these resources, train teachers to use these resources, and facilitate dialogue between teachers and faculty on intellectual issues relating to the Scopes Trial.

  6. Curriculum development:

    The H-Net Teaching project is also interested in co-sponsoring online curriculum development for both College and K-12 level.

  7. The H-Net Teaching Archives:

    One goal of the teaching project is to build a unified website for history teachers at all levels. The site will have the following components:

    A. An intelligent Interface to Online Text, Maps, and Image: As the amount of digitalized the resources grows geometrically, the desirability for a powerful index and searching tool becomes paramount. H-Net should provide this interface to historical documents on servers throughout the world.

    B. Pedagogical Material: H-Net is in a unique position to "publish" a rich variety of teaching material, material that has been scarcely available through scholarly print publications, such as syllabi, bibliographies, lesson plans. Discussions of Teaching Issues Guides, instructions on how to use high tech teaching tools

    C. Book and Software Reviews: The H-Net Review Project can provide a unique forum for scholarly review of teaching material.

    D. An Interface to OnLine Courses: As the use of the web for teaching grows, professors and teachers are increasingly putting their course online. We can provide an annotated index to these courses.

    E. Integrative Teaching Projects: Like the Scopes Project where resources and pedagogy are linked.

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